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Thank you, gipsy_dreamer, for the sunflower seeds! I will try to remember to post pictures once they are in bloom. :)


We had a whole load of people come round yesterday to visit, and decided to head off Geocaching since we had two young boys with us and I thought they would love the idea of treasure hunting (I was right - they did! Though I think they would also have liked to stay indoors and play on the Xbox). Annoyingly, the first lot of people turned up at 2.30 and the last lot turned up at 4.00, so by the time we headed out it was pretty dark. Oh well - treasure hunting in the dark is still doable, though having a rubbish free version of the Geocaching software and hardly any 3G signal didn't help matters!

We headed out into the wilderness of Perham Down, an MoD-owned chalk hill and foresty bit of land just outside Tidworth. It was steep and windy, but thankfully not too cold. We got lost quite a lot, but eventually managed to find the cache and the boys each took away a long Wolverine-type claw (sadly we didn't have anything to replace the goodies with but since there are loads of caches round that area we will go back at some point and replace the gifts). It was awesome fun! I have to admit there were several times I thought we would give up and go home, having enjoyed a nice walk in the dark but not able to find a tiny well-hidden box in the undergrowth without decent torches, so actually succeeding in finding it was very satisfying!

Today Tom and I headed out again to two more caches on the Salisbury Plains - it was very windy but again not too cold, and we found both caches we were hunting for. The first cache wa empty of goodies so we left a few behind, and the second cache was well-stocked so we took a plastic dinosaur and left some badges and a Magic playing card. We also took a quick photo of us with the found cache and printed it using the Polaroid Pogo printer I bought for our wedding a year and a half ago - hooray that I finally have another use for it!

We're going to try and get out caching most weekends now. We'll also make our own cache and leave it somewhere in Ludgershall, since there aren't any in the town.

I have also decided I'm going to get an Android phone. Tom has an iphone so I need to get something to fight him with! ^_^ I'm thinking Samsung Galaxy or HTC Desire, but I'm going to phone a couple of companies to see what deals they can offer me. I've been with Orange now for 10+ years (albeit PAYG) so surely they can offer me something tasty to keep my business? T-Mobile do have some very nice offers though... Both of course have shitty network coverage but oh well.

Jan. 11th, 2011

I so want to leave my local Freecycle group afer sending a snotty email to the (only) mod, but unfortunately it's the only active group near me. The mod is basically a Freecycle dictator, mad with power. The rules are super-strict, and all posts are moderated before posting (disallowed ones get deleted without notification or explaination). Rules include things like only being allowed to ask for one item, to the point where people have put posts asking for 'a boz for moving house' or 'a rock for a rockery' because the plural request was deleted. Also, no asking for items ove £100. I understand the reasoning behind this - it's kind of ridiculous when Freecyclers ask for things like flat screen TVs and cars, but a lot of items might have cost £100 new but have no value once they are old and worn, but still may be wanted - things like old white goods, sofas, other furniture.

On the plus side, the over-strict rules mean that, unlike many other Freecycle groups I've been a member of, the community is not spammed with loads of wanted posts for specific and expensive items but is largely full of offers. However it annoys me that I'm not trusted to post without my offers being checked over first, and it annoys me that I'm scared to ask for something lest it be deemed a 'luxury item' (I had a post deleted when I asked for an old step ladder - WTF?). What annoys me most, though, is that it's run by one lady with too much power. If there were a few more mods I'd be tempted to send a polite email with my concerns about the wording and enforcement of the rules, but I suspect the dictator would boot me out if I did so. I'd love to send a message to all users to encourage them to do something about it (I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way) but I can't do that due to the moderated status of all posts! Gah.

Oh well, at least all the other freecylers I've met so far have been nice. :)

Molly photos

I have decided to make use of my new video camera to take lots of pointless videos of Molly - that's what we bought it for, after all! Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to do a kind of 'day in the life' video diary and just film everything! Fun and rubbish at the same time.

One of my other favourite Christmas presents was a Kindle that my parents bought me! I've been reading it a lot at night during feeds, and have been enjoying some of the free classics you can get - I'm currently reading Tom Jones, and have got a whole bunch of old horror stories since I loved Bram Stoker's Dracula. I've also got the Origin of Species and Mrs Beeton's household management, just because.

Does anyone have any suggestions for old books that are likely to be free on the Kindle? I will get some paid for stuff eventually but right now I'm enjoying reading some classics. :)


These were my resolutions for 2010:

  • Grow more vegetables in my garden
  • Kinda! I started growing lots and due to pregnancy neglected them a little too much. but I grew strawberries, peas, beans, broccoli, sprouts, courgettes, pumpkins, squash, spring onions, red onions, white onions, carrots, salad crops and beetroot! Not a bad collection

  • Fix the boiler, guttering, and roof in the house
  • Boiler fixed, guttering still leaking, roof beam still slightly bent.

  • Redecorate at least one room in the house
  • Nursery done!
  • Plumb in the dishwasher
  • Done!

  • Replace the knackered shower with a fully electric one
  • Nope, but learned to live with broken shower which is fully functional but needs turning on and off with a spanner. ^_^

  • Cycle more, and more regularly. I miss being 'fit' - at the moment I'm 'kind of fit' which isn't good enough!
  • Nope. Bad weather at the start of the year meant my communte was too dangerous, and pregnancy meant I couldn't cycle for fear of falling off (something I was still doing regularly with my SPD pedals).

  • Carry onm taking photographs, maybe become slightly more technically competant with the beloved Nikon.
  • Getting there. I certainly took lots of photos!

  • Sing at least one more solo
  • Sadly not. I sang duets and had a solo line in The Full Monty, but didn't have a proper solo myself.

    Resolutions for 2011:

    • Keep the garden tidy and grow some veg, but be realistic as to how much I can achieve with a baby in tow

    • Redecorate the front room and dining room

    • Fix the guttering and roof

    • Make lots of bread, casseroles, and other lovely home-made meals

    • Take many many photographs, and start taking films of my daughter

    • Make the most of my maternity leave to do all the awesome things with my daughter I can before work gets in the way once more.

    First use of the Christmas avatar!

    Tom and I each have reusable advent calendars - nice wooden ones with drawers. We normally fill each others with posh chocs, like Lindor, but this year Tom has admitted he's had a genuis idea for my calendar and wanted to warn me so I can think of something a bit different as well.

    The thing is I really have no idea what I can do for him! I honestly have no idea what he night be putting in my calendar that isn't chocolate. Anyone got any ideas what I can put in his calendar that's a bit different?
    I started writing a really long post and realised I was waffling! So I'll cut to the cute stuff - first trip out yesterday with Molly in the sling. Just a walk down to Tesco but I think much needed for my confidence and independance!

    Some picturesCollapse )

    'Baby' filter

    Now that Molly is here, I will soon be making posts regarding subjects such as breastfeeding, nappies, poop, and general childcare. By default I will use the same filter I have been using for posts regarding my pregnancy, so if you were on this filter I'll stick with that as default unless you let me know otherwise.

    If anyone else would prefer not to see these posts, please comment here and I'll alter the filter appropriately (comments are screened).

    I'll probably not be saying anything massively controversial or rude, and I will always put anything potentially NSFW behind a cut, but I may be at times franks and let's face it, not everyone wants to read about my baps or the contents of my child's nappy.

    Thanks! :)

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