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Laura Bean
23 September 1981
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My daughter and me:


A little about me:

  • I am married to Tom, a.k.a. Jam Warrior. We live in a town near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK. We have two cats named Miles and Maya. Bonus points if you know where the names came from!

  • We recently had a new addition to the family, in the form of Molly Elizabeth Rose, botn 30th October 2010!

  • I have been blogging since I was 8, even before the internet, when I used to blog the old-fashioned way on something called 'paper'.

  • I play guitar very badly. I haven't played it for a few years though.

  • I sing pretty well. I sing soprano with the Salisbury Amateur Operatic Society and co-run a small choir where I work.

  • I take lots of photographs, and like to pretend I am a photographer. Occassionally I post them in my blog but I don't have a comprehensive public gallery or anything like that.

  • I am a little bit crafty. I like making costumes, and own a couple of fursuits which I mainly use for charity events and stupid things like running 5k races in pouring rain. Sometimes I draw things, but I don't much these days.

  • I am a microbiologist. One day I will rule the world.

  • I like the kind of old, sad music my dad brought me up on. Most of my record collection is by people who are either dead or probably should be.

  • I cyle quite a lot. I own a shiny Giant road bike with flappy-paddle gears. It's fast and fun!

  • I grow my own vegetables. Flower gardening doesn't seem to interest me much.

  • I am a huge computer games and Nintendo geek. I collect Legend of Zelda memorabilia.

I'm mostly friend-only these days, due to posts about motherhood and babies, which can be a sensitive subject. Feel free to friend me and I'll reciprocate!